We offer CNC milling services in an extremely diverse range of materials, from aluminum and brass to Inconel, stainless steel, and titanium.

CNC milling machines are built for precise manufacturing and repeatability which makes them perfect for rapid prototyping and low-to-high volume production runs. CNC mills can also work with a variety of materials from basic aluminum and plastics to more exotic ones like titanium — making them the ideal machine for almost any job. We work with CPM and Titanium components on a daily basic.

Our 4 axis DMG Mori CMX 1100V specs
Max. X-axis travel
43.3 in.
Max. Y-axis travel
22 in
Max. Z-axis travel
20.1 in
Max. table load
2,205 lbs
Table length
55.1 in.
Table width
22 in.