Laser Engraving Cutting and Marking System coming soon!!!

We are adding an incredible new addition to the Leading Edge Advantage. We have recently ordered a Z-Tech Laser Engraver Cutting and Marking System. With this machine we will be able to cut or engrave up to an 1/8″ deep with resolution of less than 20 microns. This means we will be able to mark or engrave letters as small as .1mm tall or .003″. To put that into perspective, you would need a 50x jewelers loop to read the script. To compliment, we are working with top designers in the industry to expand our design libraries. From knives and firearms, to jewelry and industrial parts, the sky is the limit with this machine. At Leading Edge, we want to invest in the absolute best equipment available to offer our clients with the highest precision possible. We will keep everyone updated on the delivery of this machine!