About Our 5 axis Flow Waterjet Machine

After over 20 years experience in the waterjet business with several different brands of waterjets, when it was time to replace an older machines with the latest in technology and cutting abilities, we turned to Flow International and their latest technology: the Dynamic Waterjet®XD with 5 axis cutting capability.

The Dynamic Waterjet®XD introduces the first high precision 3D cutting technology of its kind for faster, more accurate bevel and 3D cutting.  Using a small articulated wrist, the Dyanmic Waterjet®XD automatically tilts the waterjet cutting head in any direction to eliminate stream lag and kerf taper errors.

This machine has been an amazing investment for us here at the Leading Edge shop, with outstanding results that continually surpass expectations. Watch below to see evidence of its amazing precision:

Kerf taper and stream lag were once significant problems for waterjet cutters, but not anymore. The Dyanmic Waterjet®XD technology not only eliminates kerf taper and stream lag, but it also allows up to 60 degrees of articulation for bevel and 3D part production. Part tolerance is significantly improved while virtually eliminating taper.

As a result, you’re left with a higher quality cut part, and secondary processing becomes essentially unnecessary. All of this saves you not only time, but money as well. The video below explains how the Dyanmic Waterjet®XD works to eliminate both kerf taper and stream lag:

Kerf taper explained

In waterjet cutting, when the entrance width of a cut is different than the exit width, this is called taper. As the power of the waterjet dissipates while cutting through material, kerf taper will naturally occur. The faster the cut speed, the greater the kerf taper.

Stream lag explained

As seen in the graphic below, stream lag causes corner damage when the exit point lags behind the entrance point. This causes geometry errors as it sweeps out cone shapes instead of circles and causes corner wash-out on inside corners.

At Leading Edge, We Only Use the Best

While waterjet cutting is certainly the most state-of-the-art technology when it comes to cutting, not all waterjet machines are created equal. Many shops use basic conventional waterjet machines with no bells or whistles. At Leading Edge, we’re proud to use a state-of-the-art Dyanmic Waterjet®XD with an intuitive control element that intelligently controls both speed and head tilt, therefor producing a cleaner cut all while efficiently avoiding steam lag and taper. For our clients this translates to a higher value: superior quality parts with less finishing required.