Leading Edge Fabricating has been using advanced waterjet capabilities to process specialty materials since 1999.

With years of experience in the waterjet cutting industry, we became familiar with the unique needs of the custom knife world in 2009. We began working closely with knife makers who were tired of doing their stock reduction with a band saw.

Currently, we run the Flow International Dyanmic Waterjet®XD  5-axis, taper-controlled machine for all of our knife orders. To date, our years of experience have made us one of the top suppliers of components for the discerning knife maker.

Along with design and waterjet services, we also carry raw materials, including a stocked inventory of Ti 6-4. Leading Edge is a proud distributor for Niagara Specialty Metals.

Help us get it right the first time

In our knife making experience, we’ve found that there’s a pattern in the way projects evolve. Specific project information is required from each customer to maximize workflow, consistency, and profitability for both parties.


Over the years, we’ve developed a knife making process that’s proven successful in providing a quick payback for your project investment. With that said, our knife making projects are all custom orders, so there’s no standard price list. One thing to remember is that, whether we’re producing six or six-hundred sets for you, certain base costs will apply. With every project, we do our best to assemble an accurate quote.

Are you a knife maker who wants to improve efficiency?

While we are not primarily knife makers at Leading Edge, we do have a deep appreciation for the fine art of knife making and the personalities involved. Moreover, we certainly understand the passion for making knives using traditional hand tools.

With that said, our waterjet cutting services will immediately allow you to streamline your knife making process and improve efficiency many times over. We can offer you a fast, accurate, safe, and consistent method to blank out fixed blades and folder components along with profile cutting of select handle materials.

Allowing us to efficiently cut your knife blanks will allow you to spend more of your valuable time applying the personal element of artistry and craftsmanship.