At Leading Edge Fabricating, we provide significant benefits that you just won’t get with your “local waterjet guy” or any of our competitors.

Our Leading Edge advantage is:

  • Prompt response to quotes
  • On-time delivery
  • Swift design from template to CAD to sample parts – None of our competitors can provide this
  • Edge quality that exceeds industry standards in all aspects
  • Superior finished work from a machine that gets a thorough ball bar (accuracy) check and XD cutting head calibration every year like clockwork
  • Operation and daily equipment verification by factory trained operators
  • Amazing finish results from our legendary Flow XD 5-axis dynamic cutting head

Choose Quality. Choose Leading Edge Fabricating.

The process of acquiring quotes for your project is arduous. Selecting a single quote from those you gather is difficult.

Unfortunately, too many customers choose to go with whatever is cheapest.

We get it. No one likes overpaying for what they want or need. Your product is your reputation and livelihood.

But it’s important to remember one thing: Underpaying will forever be worse. Because in the end, you’ll end up paying twice as much to fix the sub-par work and initial mistakes that were made.

We see this first hand all too often. In addition to working with customers who want the best the first time around, we are continually taking on projects that fix competitors poor workmanship. You know its best to do it right first, so do we.

We feel for these customers because we understand the disappointment of paying for sub-par workmanship and delivery plus a product that isn’t satisfactory. That’s why we implore you to think twice before choosing the cheapest quote.

At Leading Edge, we always have your best interest in mind. We take the time necessary to do it right the first time. And we’re not happy until you’re happy.

In this industry, quality products can’t be made when lagging communication, lack of thoroughness, poor software, and inaccurate machines are used.

We don’t have these issues. We invest in high quality machines, software and team members, every time.

Are you willing to take the risk of the local waterjet shop? Or would you like the best? We hope you choose Leading Edge. We get the job done right the first time. That’s the Leading Edge Advantage.