When it comes to our knife making services, customer satisfaction is our first priority at Leading Edge Fabricating.

With a great strategy in place, the choice to have your details waterjet cut will more than pay for itself in time saved, utilization of raw materials, abrasive belt use, and often-overlooked safety factors. In order to provide you with exactly what you’re looking for, we aim to do as much upfront planning as possible.

Ordering process

The following information will guide you in the planning of your ultimate knife project design. Use this guide to create a meticulous plan of exactly what you want, and it will maximize your ROI and ensure your satisfaction every time.

Please read the information on the following page.

Before we get started with any knife making project, we require our customers to complete a Request for Quotation or RFQ form. This is essentially our order form, which allows us to look over your request and prepare an accurate quote.

Deposit requirement

One thing that’s important to note here is that—depending on your scope of work—we may need to invest some preliminary engineering hours into creating the necessary data to accurately quote your project and find answers to any initial questions you may have. For this reason, we often require a deposit before beginning the quoting process. If the quote we give you becomes a full-fledged order, we can apply this deposit to the project.

We do this to protect ourselves from investing our time, energy and resources into requests for quotes that don’t come from serious customers, and it remains a common practice in the industry.

A note about making changes to your RFQ form

The RFQ form will be the “Controlled Work Instructions” that we’ll use to process your request for a quote. We’ll use the same document to process your subsequent order. Please note that if any changes are made to your order, a revised copy of the RFQ form will need to be submitted in a new email. Please update the email subject line with “CHANGE ORDER” to reflect your revisions.

A note about the project design process

Unless you’re a mechanical engineer or an experienced CAD jockey or designer, do not let the design process hold your project up. We offer CAD services and reverse engineering, and we have licensed suites of MasterCam, SolidWorks, SpaceClaim, and Flow Expert CAD/CAM software. We can work from customer provided templates, drawings, CAD files, and working models.

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