We offer top-notch quality work, and have vast experience making details for Knifemakers.

Leading Edge is not your local waterjet novice, our knife making services is the result of years of professional experience and state-of-the-art machinery. Precision waterjet, Fiber Laser,  custom machining, and more to fulfill your needs as a custom knifemaker.  Short lead times, in stock materials, and perfect parts are what sets us apart from the rest. See some of our work (and some of our competitors work) in the gallery below.

Experience the Leading Edge Advantage today. Our Flow 5 axis Dynamic XD waterjet compensates for the “taper” of the jet stream, so your cuts are square.

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We are a full-service job shop, responding to the unique needs of the discerning knifemaker. Not only do we offer specialized welding services and CNC milling services, but we offer quality waterjet cutting services with the experience to back it up. Click below to learn more about of our exceptional knifemaking services.