At Leading Edge Fabricating, we are proud to offer unsurpassed craftsmanship and quality in our work. Every one of our customers is extremely important to us, and we do our best to meet and surpass your expectations.

If you decide to choose Leading Edge for your fabrication project, you can expect the work progression outlined below. We’ll follow this workflow in order to achieve optimal results for your project, and completion in a timely manner.

Our Process

  1. Design

    Every project requires a complete CAD design and written specifications.

    If the customer wants to provide this, that’s fine, but please keep in mind that this presents a higher potential for problems due to exporting and importing from different software packages. If you are not up to speed on generating and exporting clean CAD, the process might be more costly than you can justify.

    To counter this issue, we can generate the required CAD files for you. This is by far the most cost-effective way to go. If you choose this route, you’ll simply need to provide us with a working model or template. A clean template is the best way to get what you want.

  2. Prototype Parts

    We’ll only commence your project once we’re sure that it’s perfect and will conform to your needs. We don’t want to go through production only to find that parts are non-conforming.

    To ensure a perfect outcome, the first preventative measure we take is to create prototype parts. Once we’ve completed the CAD design and it’s been approved according to your specifications, we’ll create prototypes. We’ll allow you to work with these so that you have a chance to again verify the design. Any changes that are still necessary can be made at this time.

  3. Short Run Production

    Once the initial design, CAD files, and prototype parts have been created, verified and approved, we’ll do a short run production.

    This is a production of the final project on a smaller quantity scale. Lower quantities are done initially so as to minimize the risk that revisions might still need to be made. On rare occasions, we will encounter minor problems that didn’t reveal themselves in the design or prototype phases. And sometimes, we’ll simply notice small tweaks that we can make to streamline the workflow of the final production process.

  4. Production

    Once the necessary final changes of short run production have been made, it’s time to move on to final production. At this time, the CAD files, prototypes, and initial short run production will all have been verified, and we’ll commence final production.

    Customers are often shocked at the maticulous initial production steps we take to ensure perfection of the final product. But this is what sets Leading Edge apart from other fabrication shops. Circumvent any of these steps, and both we and the customer risk discovering mistakes after it’s too late, which can then result in completely unusable end products.

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