Leading Edge Fabricating, Inc.

Specializing in Waterjet Cutting, Custom Welding, CNC Machining, Fabrication & Knife Making

Phone: 231-893-2605

Attention knifemakers who want to improve their efficiency.

Leading Edge is a full service job shop that offers abrasive waterjet cutting of knife banks.  We seek to combine a respect for tradition with a love of progress and innovation.  While we are not knife makers, we do have an appreciation for the knife making business, the personalities involved and an eye for the fine art of quality knives.  We certainly understand the passion for making knives using traditional hand tools, but we can offer you a fast accurate, safe and consistant method to blank out fixed blades and folder components along with profile cutting of some handle materials.  Le us efficiently cut your blanks so you can spend more of your time applying that personal craftsmanship.

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