Leading Edge Fabricating, Inc.

Specializing in Waterjet Cutting, Custom Welding, CNC Machining, Fabrication & Knife Making

Phone: 231-893-2605

Tired of waiting for your project?

You've got your design, you gathered your quotes, and now you place your order based soley on the lowest price.

If your OK with waiting for the lowest price, are you ready to accept any or all of the following.

Does your vendor really have your best interest in your project or is your project simply filler between bigger jobs?

If your vendor offered free design time, it is really free or will the functionality of your project suffer because they are just in a hurry to get your job done?

Are you OK with unfulfilled promised deliveries, weeks or months later or maybe never at all?

Are you willing to accept inaccurate of non conforming parts as a result of,

  1.      Poor communication?
  2.      Lack of thoroughness?
  3.      Poor accuracy from machine motion controls and software?
  4.      Parts cut by shops who claim to be experienced, when in reality they are not?

At Leading Edge Fabricating, if you're looking for quality parts and prompt delivery, we offer,

  1.      Prompt response and on time deliveries
  2.      Rapid design from template to CAD to sample parts that no one else can provide.
  3.      Edge quality that exceeds the normal (unwritten) industry standard from a machine that gets an annual ball bar (accuracy) check and XD cutting head calibration.
  4.      Operation and daily equipment verification by factory trained operators.
  5.      Flow XD 5 axis dynamic cutting head.