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Waterjet Cutting of Knife Blanks  

We've been in the waterjet business processing speciality materials since 1999 and are currently running the latest Flow 5 axis taper controlled machine.  In 2009 we discovered the custom knife world and started working closely with knife makers who were tired of doing their stock reduction with a band saw.  Our years of experience have provided us with the capability to become the best supplier of components for the discerning knife maker.  

Along with design and water jetting, we carry raw materials including a good inventory of Ti 6-4 and we are a distributor for Niagara Speciality Metals.

In our experience, we have found there is a pattern in the way that projects evolve.  Specific project information is required from each customer to maximize workflow, consistency and profitablity.

These are all custom orders so there is no standard price list, but we will do our best to give an accurate quote. Keep in mind there are basic costs associated with each and every project whether we are producing six or six hundred stes.  Along the way we have developed a process that has proven successful and will give you a quick payback for your project investment. 


Attention knifemakers who want to improve their efficiency.

Leading Edge is a full service job shop that offers abrasive waterjet cutting of knife banks.  We seek to combine a respect for tradition with a love of progress and innovation.  While we are not knife makers, we do have an appreciation for the knife making business, the personalities involved and an eye for the fine art of quality knives.  We certainly understand the passion for making knives using traditional hand tools, but we can offer you a fast accurate, safe and consistant method to blank out fixed blades and folder components along with profile cutting of some handle materials.  Le us efficiently cut your blanks so you can spend more of your time applying that personal craftsmanship.

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Knifemaker Considerations for Waterjet Services

Customer satisfaction is our priority. With a little bit of up front planning,waterjet cutting your details will more than pay and for itself in time savings, raw material utilization, abrasivebelt usage and often overlooked safety factors. The following information is a list of considerations to think about when planning your designs or project and maximizing your ROI.

We require our customers to complete a RFQ/ORDER FORM with basic information before we start the quoting/order process. Please be aware that depending on your scope of work it may require an investment in time for engineering in order to create the data required to answer your questions and accurately quote your project. This will require a deposit to get things going and that deposit may be applied to the project if or when it turns into an order.  Please keep in mind we work with a wide variety of customers; materials and designs,so do not be offended if any of this seems like common sense or unnecessary.

Tired of waiting for your project?

You've got your design, you gathered your quotes, and now you place your order based soley on the lowest price.

If your OK with waiting for the lowest price, are you ready to accept any or all of the following.