Leading Edge Fabricating, Inc.

Specializing in Waterjet Cutting, Custom Welding, CNC Machining, Fabrication & Knife Making

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About Leading Edge Fabricating,Inc.

Leading Edge started as a propeller repair and contract service shop in 1988.  Welding and fabrication capabilities were steadily developed in the early years to fill unique needs for the marine industry.  By the mid-1990's Leading Edge was emergine as a specialty machining and welding contractor servicing tool @ die, military and general manufacturing sectors.  Recognizing its new position, the  company changed its strategic focus by divesting its marine propeller business and investing in advance machining and fabrication equipment.

By the late-90's, Leading Edge was relocated in a new facility in the Montague Industrial Park complete with state-of-the-art programmable abrasive waterjet and machining centers.  Complementary fabrication equipment such as CNC machining centers and a full spectrum of welding technology were also put in place to facilitate the needs of its expanding customer base.  

Today, Leading Edge specializes in welding, machining and fabricating with expertise in exotic materials.  For example, super alloys and titanium can be welded in the company's atmospherically controlled welding glove-box.  Additionally, our abrasive waterjet can cut the softest plastic to the toughest super-alloys.  From short lead time orders to production runs, customer service is assured through the company's quality system, attention to detail, and friendly service.